Ce 19 Décembre: « Jam Happy act – Jazz Voices Showcase » – hosted by Frederick Tuxx

Ce 19 Décembre, 19h30,  au Jazz Act Montparnasse

La priorité aux voix, supportées par une rythmique jazz pour ballades, swing, blues, waltz, latin, groove…

19 Décembre 2012 Jazz Act @ Montparnasse | 19h30

 (28 rue Vavin, Paris VI)

“MERCREDI’s Jam Happy act – Jazz Voices Showcase”

Jazz, Swing, Blues, Latin, Ballad or Waltz n’groove

(regular concert + jam sessions)

Jazz Voices Showcase

Frederick Tuxx (host),
Section rythmique: Chris Cody (piano), Bruno Rousselet (contrebasse) et Invités…

Un concert régulier plus une session de Jam vocal unique, la priorité aux voix, avec un programme concocté et assuré par Frederick Tuxx, chanteur américain de jazz et blues.

Mot d’introduction par Frederick Tuxx

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to announce Jazz Act will be presenting a Jazz Vocal Showcase. It will begin November 21st, 2012, 6:30pm – 10:30pm. This project was created because of the limited venues that are available, for vocalist to perform.
Studios and classrooms are insufficient. An artist needs to perform in a professional setting, with musicians and the public. It allows the experienced vocalist to fine tune his material and stage presence. And the inexperienced vocalist to gain knowledge through being involved in the process. The few venues that do exist and have jam sessions, the host rarely invites vocalist to sing. The emphasis is on horns, guitars and all sorts of instuments except the vocal instuments. Which was the first instument.
Seeing this for so many years and hearing vocalist complain about it, I presented my case to Alain (owner of Jazz Act) and he agreed to give it a shot. I hope all of you vocalist recognize this opportunity and take advantage of it. You will be accompanied by pianist Chris Cody and bassist Bruno Rousselet. They are both accomplished musicians and will be of great assistance to all of you.

Preparation requirements: Bring one or two charts of jazz standards,know yor key,lyrics, tempo, style or feel, (swing, blues, latin, ballad or waltz). This preparation will save time and allow everyone the opportunity to perform.

Your host

Programme arts-de-vivre spécial “Jam Happy act” … à découvrir (assiettes & tapas, goûters et pâtisseries…)!

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